IF Sailing

The use of storytelling to build relationships with consumers by providing them with something entertaining or useful.




Scandinavian Mariner Magazine has a 100 % digital brand marketing unit. We create content and experiences that inspires and influence the most influential audiences in the Yachting World.

Using Scandinavian Mariner Magazines approach to storytelling, we work with brands in the Yachting Industry to develop strategy, creatives and digital distribution.

Which customers are most important to you?

Scandinavian Mariner Magazines annual survey provides valuable data and insight from sailors from around the world. Paired with a solid strategy, excellent content and creatives and modern digital distribution enables a brand to communicate with customers in cost effective and lasting ways that were not possible before.

We understand the value of measurement and its influence in developing effective marketing. 

Our editorial approach is to put the reader and viewer first. In the same way you are putting the customer experience first.

Be smarter than your competition!

We create relevant content for a specific target group in the right context that serves a specific purpose. 

A sponsored piece of content can be an article, an image, a video or other presented in association with a brand. The magazine has a niche, but highly engaged audience.

This is a powerful way for brands to win against the competition because great content can help brands increase the space they occupy in the minds and hearts of consumers. 

Distribution in Social Media makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results. Choosing a marketing goal, build audiences and create and report on results are some of the things we do. We are working with influencers to create stories that has impact in your target group.

While the objectives can be detailed, they normally fall under the larger goals of awareness, engagement and conversion.

The harvesting and use of data to achieve business goals are our priority. We know what it is like to run a business and are very focused on getting the results you need.

The Scandinavian Mariner Magazine approach

Our business approach is to merge media and business data with transaction data to reach our common goals.

Everything is produced in house collaborating with the best writers, photographers and filmmakers in the industry.

We can manage distribution and optimise your communication in every channel you need.

Our aim is to work alongside every client to ensure that we exhaust every opportunity to acquire quality leads and close the sale.

We analyse data to make sure that your ROI is met in every way possible and make sure the return on the media investment is explained and understood.