The All New Sweden Yachts 48

The New Sweden Yachts 48

The New Sweden Yachts 48

A new 48 ft cruiser from Sweden Yachts

Today Sweden Yachts  have released drawings for a new 48 ft cruiser. The Sweden Yacht 48 will offer a more modern twist on their previous designs. The hull and stern are slightly wider than on earlier models providing more cabin and deck space.

Increased Performance

The yacht will have increased performance and stability due to new elements in the design. The updated hull lines and a high ballast ratio keel, makes for increased stability at all points of sail, and the deeper bow sections provide more comfort when sailing upwind in a heavy seas.

Above deck offers a large cockpit equipped with double wheels and a simplified rigging system with all lines leading back to the cockpit, this enables easy single handed sailing and plenty of room for a large crew if you like company.

Sweden Yachts 48

Sweden Yachts 48

Semi Custom Interior

Below deck, the broader hull offers plenty of living space and is fitted out for both comfort and luxury. Increased natural light from windows in the hull and more hatches enhances the feeling of spaciousness further. The extra width also provides space for a technical room to house a generator, water maker, etc. Several different layouts are available, but the boat can also be built to a customer’s own specifications.

Sweden Yachts 48

Sweden Yachts 48

Vital Stats:

SY 48

More on The Sweden Yachts 48 here.

Read an exclusive interview with Mattias Rutgersson, the CEO of the newly formed Sweden Yachts Group.  The group represents a significant and exciting new development in the world of yacht building: Sweden Yachts, Malö Yachts, CR Yachts and Regina of Vindö Yachts, have amalgamated as Sweden Yachts Group.


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