Stopping theft in the yachting world helped by stolen bikes!

Bikefinder Tracker. Photo by Bikefinder

Bikefinder Tracker. Photo by Bikefinder

Bicycle theft has evolved to become a major social and economic problem in several countries. In Norway, through 2016, NOK 125 million was paid from insurance companies to cover clients’ loss of bikes due to theft. As methods for locking your bicycle are indeed getting better, thefts have also been on the rise as thieves also move with the development. This mirrors the yachting world and few things are more irritating than finding your outboard, equipment or even your whole boat stolen. A Norwegian start up, called Bikefinder has come up with a genius solution for bicycles that also could be useful for boats.

The company writes on their website; "BikeFinder is the worlds first integrated tracking device using GPS and GSM signaling to make sure you always have control over your bikes location. If will fit any bicycle steering tube and is discrete from the outside. It has superior battery life and configurable tracking resolution to guarantee it does not go missing due to an empty battery. The super-easy user interface (via an app) lets you follow the location in real time, making it easier to find if the bike is stolen".

Moreover, BikeFinder is installed on the inside of the handlebar and has a unique locking system, making it virtually impossible to remove for the mobile thief. Any attempt to remove the unit will activate a motion detector, and alert the owner. The motion detector can also trigger the 80db siren.

A locked bicycle in Amsterdam. Photo by Daniel Novello

A locked bicycle in Amsterdam. Photo by Daniel Novello

Boats and places to hide a tracking device

There are practically hundreds of places onboard a boat where such a device can be fitted. Inside the boom, inside lockers, instruments, engines and perhaps even moulded into the construction of the yacht during build. One could just have a USB port visible for charging? Hopefully the company will engage in talks with the yachting industry to find ways to integrate this device in the design and building process.

The product’s generic and smart design enables extremely easy installation in electric, hybrid, road, terrain and child bikes. The unit is 15 mm in diameter with an expansion function ranging from 15-23 mm (.59 – .91inches)

The device’s GPS & GSM signal enables you to track the bike’s real time position via mobile application or web-browser. In the app, the user can activate motion sensors and sirens. BikeFinder can be customized to your needs and you choose what information you want, and when you want it.



The battery has a lifespan of up to 8 weeks in standby mode, and is easily charged via USB-C while still in the bike. In other words, it is not necessary to disassemble the product for charging. Can be charged during transport using power bank.

The product contains an integrated SIM. Subscription price: 5,49€– per month , including SMS and data. First month is free of charge as of writing this article in October 2017. 

The Bikefinder only weighs only 51 grams (0.11 pounds) and we can not wait until a watertight marine version is made. It will sell like hot cakes to boat owners around the world!

The regular version is available in shops from November.

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