The Flying Dutchman, Sentijn 37IQ

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Sentijn 37IQ

A proper sailing yacht from The Netherlands

Just above the sea level not far from Scandinavia lies The Netherlands with the same proud boatbuilding traditions and top naval architects. There we found a fine little sailing yacht designed and built with great commitment, competence and smart ideas we thought we should take a closer look at. 

The Sentijn 37IQ is the lovechild of Yvonne Kuijpers and Paul Matthijssen and their company called OceanPeople.

Fine lines from Dick Koopmans. Photo by: OceanPeople

Fine lines from Dick Koopmans. Photo by: OceanPeople

Yvonne, a former IT specialist and Paul, a former architect with the Dutch railways met in high school and in 1999 they quit their jobs and set out on a an extensive Atlantic Circuit. They even had their first born during the journey.

When they made it home to The Netherlands they set up a business within offshore sailing, making yacht deliveries, teaching sailing, and organising adventure cruises to Scandinavia, UK, France, Portugal, Spain and to the Azores.

Photo by: OceanPeople

Photo by: OceanPeople

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Let us hear the story from Yvonne and Paul themselves:

Please, tell us about the Sentijn 37IQ and how the design came about?

- After the Atlantic Circuit we did a lot of yacht deliveries, crossed the ocean a couple of times more and gained a lot of experience on lots of different yachts ranging from 28 – 80 ft. They were sometimes beautiful quality yachts, but also regularly nasty boats, with design and systems we found totally unsuitable for a small crew. 

As the OceanPeople business grew bigger, we were looking for a slightly larger yacht, around 40 ft. Our demands were very strict: the best quality materials, very stiff hull, medium displacement, good upwind sailing qualities also in lighter airs, light steering, enough room to have 5 people living on board, reliable engine and systems and last but not the least: nice lines and good looks!

Interior of the Sentijn 37IQ. Photo by: OceanPeople

Interior of the Sentijn 37IQ. Photo by: OceanPeople

Our demands made it hard to find a yacht on the market that matched our ideas. We liked yachts like the Comfortina 39 and Sweden Yachts 42, but wanted something better suited for our specific needs.

Since our old yacht was a Koopmans design and his designs are renowned for their offshore and long distance sailing capabilities, we looked at a larger Koopmans design too. 

Most of Koopmans designs are a bit narrow at the stern and therefore have a rather small cockpit. In the mid/late 90’s Dick Koopmans junior designed a very nice yacht for himself since Dick likes offshore racing and that is something he is very good at.

Besides racing Dick likes to cruise with his boat too. This resulted in a nice, strong cruiser/racer, which was built in the mid and late 90’s as the yacht of the future. The timeless design resulted in 20-25 builds by different yards, but due to miscommunication a bankruptcy followed and production stopped.

Dick Koopmans is a well regarded designer with years of experience. Can you tell us more about the process from idea to prototype working alongside the designer to and launch of the first boat?

We found the old moulds of the Sentijn design at a yard where we regularly delivered yachts for and fell in love again with this timeless design. The yard offered us to use the moulds and we got in contact with Dick Koopmans about redesigning the Sentijn to modern standards. In cooperation with Dick we started from the bottom, with new materials and a very stiff and strong hull designed to Lloyds standards.

The Sentijn 37IQ. Photo by: OceanPeople

The Sentijn 37IQ. Photo by: OceanPeople

The hull and deck are build vacuum infusion with a pvc core and vinylester resins. Total thickness is 30 mm!

All the bulkheads are laminated to hull and deck. The keel is a L-shaped lead keel that hangs off a galvanised steel frame which is laminated to the hull (same as X-Yachts).

The modern Seldén rig (9/10) is keel stepped. 

The Ullman sails in 3D laminate are powerful and results in good upwind sailing. All installations and technical systems are developed in cooperation with the yard who builds the new Sentijn 37IQ, Ridas Yacht in Estonia. The yard has a vast experience in building semi-custom yachts in small series (Nordbaelt, Maxi, Diva, and Ridas own range of boats). 

The steering pedestal and rudder is from Jefa. The engine is a Volvo Penta D2-40 with saildrive. All the electronics, like log/depth/wind, VHF, boiler, heater, etc is standard included in the price. Also the two tone deck and teak in cockpit, footrail and rubrail comes at no extra cost.

For safety and comfort reasons the engine has a separate daytank and bulk tank, triple filters and flexofold 3-bladed folding prop.

How much can an owner give input on custom interiors and such?

Actually, we like to involve new owners to participate in the building process, so everybody is sure the best product is built. We even have an option to have a different, more forward stretched coaming with more headroom inside, if a customer wants that. The Sentijn 37IQ is only built on a customer basis, the owner is completely free to have his say in all matters. Different layouts and materials, colors and specific items can be added without much effort or high extra costs.

The short superstructure on the Sentijn 37IQ is different from most modern yachts. Photo by: OceanPeople

The short superstructure on the Sentijn 37IQ is different from most modern yachts. Photo by: OceanPeople

Are there any other models on the drawing board?

Yes, in fact we are working on a 45 foot model with same specs. The Sentijn 45IQ.

What are your cruising plans for the summer?

We will cruise the south coast of England and The Isles of Scilly this summer, piloting a rally of about 20 sailing yachts. Shorter trips will take us to London, the Dutch, Belgian and French coast, up the Solent and river Orwell.
Next year we are preparing a circumnavigation of Great Britain.

Yvonne and Paul, thanks so much for sharing your story with our readers. The Sentijn 37iQ is a beautiful, purposeful and handy yacht we hope to see more of in Scandinavia in the future. Fair winds!

Want to know more? Visit the Sentijn 37IQ in Dutch here and the old website in English here.

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