The Restoration of a Herreshoff Classic - A Full Documentary by Alison Langley

The 1926 Nathanael Herreshoff-designed NY40 MARILEE recently underwent a complete restoration by French & Webb in Belfast, Maine. Herreshoff is perhaps the worlds most influential naval architect with five winning Americas Cup designs He also was the man behind many of the modern inventions we see in yachts today such as the winch, folding propeller, sail tracks and dozens more inventions. He was behind over 2000 crafts built and 18000 drawings. A productive gentleman indeed.

The two-year-plus restoration of NY40 Marilee was tremendously successful due to the collaborative effort of many artisans, engineers, curators and crew whose passion and commitment to the project were beyond compare. This was not your ‘typical’ restoration of a wooden classic. Modern innovations and engineering were combined with meticulous and artistic craftsmanship.

With access to the original Herreshoff Manufacturing Company’s building plans and documents archived at MIT’s Hart Nautical Collections, this restoration turned out to be an amazing yacht with an equally amazing story.  To the excitement and joy to the sailing community around the world, the story is now available to everyone.

Alison Langley’s documentary film is fantastic for any mariner, young and old. The filmmaker, based in Camden, Maine, has been a professional photographer and cinematographer for over 25 years, specializing in classic yacht and nautical imagery. Alison has earned international recognition for her exquisite nautical photography, capturing the light, beauty and motion of classic yachts around the world

Photographer Alison Langley. Photo: Alison Langley Photography.

Photographer Alison Langley. Photo: Alison Langley Photography.

This film has been made available to the public by the current custodian of MARILEE, with the purpose of sharing the amazing story of a piece of American history and the genius of the yacht designer, Nathanael Herreshoff.

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