Winter is here! Find solace in inspirational sailing blogs and videos- Part 2

Crew of the SV Delos having fun in the Namibian desert. Photo: SV Delos

Crew of the SV Delos having fun in the Namibian desert. Photo: SV Delos

Tromsö, Norway at 69.6492° N, 18.9553° E.

The Cult of SV Delos hardly needs any introduction. The YouTube series captures Captain Brian Trautman and a joyful band of international crew sailing a 53 foot Amel Super Maramu halfway around the world. SV Delos departed Seattle in 2009 and have been sailing ever since. 

The videos are of high quality and are very social media friendly. The editing and grading are only enhancing already great stories.

And they are real stories from real people. The characters are unpretentious, interesting and make the series worthy to watch even for viewers outside of the sailing world. 

Have you read part one? Check it out here!

SV Delos have a huge following in Social Media. Thousands of fans are supporting their journey via Patreon and other donations and this is how they now finance the adventures. But make no mistake, Brian Trautman and the crew of SV Delos probably have had longer work weeks than many others. Producing all the content probably takes more time and effort than most would think.

Funding a cruise around the world via peer to peer financing is growing rapidly. 

Their videos, Instagrams and Facebook posts have engaged hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. And the world really loves them. And we love them, too! 

The crew of the SV Delos should keep you warm all winter long!

Oh, and the crew from the good ship SV Delos is heading to Svalbard in the summer of 2018 onboard Isbjörn. Read more here.

One of our favourite recent episodes from SV Delos. Sailing along the Namibian coast.

The Rabbit Hole, AKA YouTube is full of hidden gems. Once in a while you stumble across someone who probably have little experience in video production, knows nothing about grading or composition, yet still manages to get everything right for an interesting sailing video. One such character is Patrick Laine. A retired fighter pilot who is sailing single-handed on a 40 ft Bavaria on the Atlantic Ocean from his base in La Rochelle, France. 

In the first episodes we meet Patrick on his way sailing single handed from France to The Azores. His narrative is capturing and somehow he engages the viewer from the get go. From Patrick, who stands out as a sympathetic character, the viewer gradually learn about his background. He not only takes the viewer through technical sides of sailing an ocean passage but also talk about the strain and luck of being alone at sea. The narrative is also honest and he is willing to show the viewers his mishaps and how you can learn from them. It is also refreshing to see a different age group getting social media just right. Patrick is just as cool as any of the crew from SV Delos. They should invite him onboard if they ever cross paths.

Patrick has just been uploading his videos for a few months and already has thousands of subscribers. His videos has been viewed almost 250 000 times so far. We look forward to more videos! And, Patrick: We really think you should consider sailing to Scandinavia...let us know if you do!

To be continued...