Hallberg-Rassy 340 - A New Small Family Cruiser from Sweden

HR 340

The New Hallberg Rassy 340

A Small and Powerful Family Cruiser

The new Hallberg-Rassy 340 replaces the popular 342, with more than 300 hulls made. This is a contemporary design by German Frers with the beam lead aft with a plum bow, longer waterline, a more powerful sailplan, twin rudders and optional twin wheels. The yard promises a little more of everything from the previous model. Hallberg Rassy is a conservative brand with a band of loyal followers. They have been named "Most Desirable Yacht" for a number of years by European sailors and for good reason. A solid company with an excellent track record who delivers their boats on time and budget. If anyone thinks twin rudders and wheels are radical for Hallberg Rassy, think again. This is calculated evolution based on masses of data from owners, designers and marketing research. This model is better and more adjusted to todays market than the previous model. It will probably sell very well. 


The interior is roomy and with lots of natural light. The settees in the saloon are 2.00 m long and further aft than usual. They will double as sea going berths on longer passages. 

Hallberg Rassy often mentions flow. This is a very important factor and often overlooked by other yards. The galley is out of the way from the natural flow through the boat. A crew member in the galley does not stand in the way of anyone who wants to enter the aft cabin or move towards the head and forward cabin. There are deep double sinks along the centre line.  Many sailors would probably liked the head to be situated by the companionway, but as in every small boat design, compromises must be made.

Hallberg Rassy 340 Plans   

Hallberg Rassy 340 Plans


Cabinet doors are well ventilated with hidden hinges with built-in stoppers.

The forward cabin is spacious and will probably be used as the owner's cabin. The length of the double berth is 2.04 m long, 1.98 m in the aft end and a generous 62 cm in the foot end. The forward cabin has two own hanging lockers, two vanities, several lockers and a deck hatch.

The head has excellent ventilation with openable portlight.  The holding tank can be emptied either to the sea or via a deck suction fitting which comes as standard equipment. In Sweden it is now illegal to empty your holdning tank within a 12 mile range of land. Most ports have grey water deposits where you can empty the holding tanks for free.

The aft cabin is also spacious with a  generous double berth, 173 cm in the head end and a huge 142 cm in the foot end. This cabin will probably be used by kids or visiting guests.

Although the 340 is larger and offers more volume than the 342, the sailaway price remains the same. At the same time the standard specification is adjusted, both up and down, so the boat should not be considered any cheaper. 

Of course this yacht is suitable for cruising in the Nordics, yet all the goodies in this design and construction is also beneficiary in warmer climates.

There are plenty of Hallberg Rassy`s cruising the worlds oceans at any given time.

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