Dream Yachts Part III - A Series

Contest 42CS

Contest 42CS. Photo by: Contest Yachts

Contest 42CS. Photo by: Contest Yachts

Based in Medemblik, Holland, Contest Yachts are a third generation family firm. Well known among yachtsmen and women around the world for their semi custom bluewater cruisers. Founded back in 1959, Contest is one of the oldest productions yards in the world.

After working with several well known designers in the past, they now work with designers Judel/Vrolijk & Co. The yard builds yachts from 42 ft up to their new flagship, the 85CS that will launch later this year.

They also build a 52 ft motor yacht in five different configurations.

Being semi custom, the Contest 42CS has four different interior lay outs to choose from and a number of other options to ensure the owners requirements are met. She has everything a bluewater cruiser needs. A stable hull, an efficient rig, a deep well protected cockpit and loads of storage. The wraparound coachroof window allows lots of natural light into the saloon. The Contest 42CS won the European Yacht of the Year award in 2014 and the owners love them.

If you are heading to Boot Düsseldorf you can check out the Contest 42CS & 57CS at stand number 16C54. We might add that Contest Yachts have very nice webpages too with lots of relevant information for a prospective byer.

Linjett 43

Linjett 43. Photo by: Rosättra Yard

Linjett 43. Photo by: Rosättra Yard

Rosättra Yard can trace its roots back to the 19th century which makes it the oldest yard in Sweden. Since 1974 Rosättra Yard have been building the range of Linjett Yachts known for their beauty, seakeeping abilities and unrivalled craftsmanship. The smaller Linjett at 34 ft is followed by a 37 footer and then there is the 43 ft Linjett. A beautifully designed yacht that won the Boat of The Year at Gothenburg Boatshow in 2016.

Designed by Mats Gustavsson, now in his 70s, who grew up the yard that his family have been running since 1947. It has been said about Mats Gustavsson that he builds and test model prototype hulls in his bathtub, checks balance on the kitchen table and races them with his sons before any yacht is put in production. 

Linjett 43 saloon. Typical Swedish high quality woodwork. Photo by: Rosättra Yard

Linjett 43 saloon. Typical Swedish high quality woodwork. Photo by: Rosättra Yard

A noteworthy feature with the Linjett 43 is the flexible keel that kicks up when you run aground. The saloon table serves as a keel box of sorts. A innovative design by Linjett. Here is a video showing real world test running the 9 tonne, 13 metre yacht hard aground on a underwater solid rock formation.

And here is a picture of the keel after running at up to eight knots and hitting the underwater rock.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 14.04.48.png

Linjett 43 keel after hitting a rock at 8 knots

The yard concluded that there were no structural damages to the boat, keel or interior after the grounding tests. No wonder the members of the Swedish Linjett Association are awarded discounts from Pantaenius Insurance based on low damage statistics from Linjett owners.

Unfortunately the websites are in Swedish and German only. Yet, we are sure if you give the yard a call, they will give you all the information you need in the language you speak. You can read more about Linjett Yachts here and book a test sail.



RM 1370

From the beginnings in 1989, RM Yachts immediately stood out by building their yachts in plywood. Well, these are not a traditional wooden boats. In fact it is as light and strong as any other production yacht on the market today. Built by saturating marine ply with epoxy and adding an internal metal structure makes for a light and stiff boat. 

Chantier RM FORA Marine as they are known in France, have a range of five cruising sailboats from 30 feet up to the new 45 footer, the RM 13.70. They are all built the same way and are popular bluewater cruiser with a loyal following.

They are more modern than many traditional long distance cruising boats and are regarded as trendsetters. The interiors are bright, airy and have lots of natural lights inside. One of the trademarks are a forward facing window securing a great view and letting in lots of natural light. The yachts have different configurations in regards to keels and rudders. If you are cruising in shallow waters and have the need to dry out sometimes, twin keels are an option.

RM Yachts have quite nice web presence and update their site with news frequently. We recommend having a look and follow their Facebook Page

Faurby Yachts

The upcoming Faurby 460E. Illustration by: Faurby Yacht

The upcoming Faurby 460E. Illustration by: Faurby Yacht

High up on the list among the top boat builders in the Nordics, you will find Faurby Yachts. The yard is located in Lunderskov, not far from Kolding in the southern part of Denmark. Founded in 1976 by husband and wife, Erna og Niels Peter Faurby. This low volume, high quality builder delivers 15-20 boats a year. 

Contrary to todays trend with higher freeboards and wider beams, Faurby's are known for their low freeboards and relatively narrow hulls. Perfect hulls for the choppy waters they are made for. Denmark has shallow waters surrounding the country often creating steep, choppy waves against the currents and prevailing winds. The Faurby's are great upwind boats.

Built by hand with that Scandinavian sense of detail, unmatched quality and design, Any Faurby Yacht will take you across oceans and down narrow fjords in confidence and style.

The yard have high hopes for their latest model, the 460E. Hull number one is being built now and is expected to be launched later this year.

Hull number one of the Faurby 460E. Photo by: Faurby Yacht

Hull number one of the Faurby 460E. Photo by: Faurby Yacht

The 460E immediately recognisable as a Faurby. As is the rest of the range spanning from the Faurby 335 up to the 460E. We look forward to see the 460E on the water soon!

Faurby does Facebook really well and we recommend following them there. If you are heading to BOOT 2018 in Düsseldorf, they will be showing the Faurby 363E at stand 15A04 in hall 15 from the 20th of January 2018.

Faurby 460E. Coming soon. Illustration by: Faurby Yacht

Faurby 460E. Coming soon. Illustration by: Faurby Yacht