The 7 New Sailing Gadgets & Gear to get in 2018 and How to Use Them

No more dirty hands with the GHOOK by Spinaker d.o.o

No more dirty hands with the GHOOK by Spinaker d.o.o


Backing into a berth in the Mediterranean can be hard enough as it is.  Some places have lazy lines in place to eliminate the need to drop your own anchor. Now, the lines are attached to land and needs to be led forward after securing the boat from the aft. The Slovenian company, Spinaker `s latest product lets you attach the GHOOK to the lazy line and follow it forward. Result, easy, no dirty hands, reduces the discharge of dirt on your lovely side decks and can be safer.

Especially in heavy winds, a quick attachment of the lazy line can be a hullside - saver.

In the Nordics, most boats are up on the hard during winter. The mooring lines are often full of marine growth and barnacles when its time to launch again in the spring. We can see this product being appreciated by many. The product even got a special mention under last years Dame Awards in the Innovation category.


The AutoLock Safety Tether from TeamO in the UK

The AutoLock Safety Tether from TeamO in the UK

The TeamO AutoLock Tether is the latest design from UK design house TeamO Marine. A breakthrough innovation in tether design which allows sailors greater freedom of movement and prevents a fall whilst clipped to the lifelines of a vessel. In short, it works like the safety belt in your car.

The AutoLock tether is designed to prevent falls and Man Overboard situations arising as the variable length of the tether means it is always at the perfect length for the wearer.

The design has a safety-hook at one end for the wearer to attach to the lifelines of the vessel, and a soft loop at the other end which is hitched on to the lifejacket harness.

The AutoLock automatically extends and retracts when the user moves around the vessel, but when placed under shock loads it locks so that it is only ever the length that the wearer needs it to be.

Your fall is immediately arrested and more serious injury can be avoided.


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From L’Oréal comes UV Sense, the first battery-free wearable electronic UV sensor from provide consumers with crucial information about their individual ultraviolet (UV) exposure levels. Sailors are particularly vulnerable to UV exposure and should take this very seriously. This product might be helpful. 

UV Sense is the first battery-free wearable electronic sensor to measure individual UV exposure and can store up to three months of data. The wearable is less than two millimeters thick, nine millimeters in diameter and designed to be worn for up to two weeks on the thumbnail. UV Sense will be available on a limited basis in the U.S. for the 2018 summer season with a global launch following in 2019. 

dji mavic air drone

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Any aspiring YouTuber needs a drone for those breathtaking aerial shots. Taking all the best bits from the of the Mavic series, the ultraportable and foldable Mavic Air features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration. With a little bit of training, this little drone flies off the aft deck and lets you capture aerial footage of your yacht under sail. And much more! We now use one at Scandinavian Mariner Magazine and we love it!

Here is a great review from YouTube superstar, Casey Neistat

cauldryn® Battery Powered Vacuum Bottle

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The Cauldryn Fyre Mobile is a battery powered vacuum bottle that gives you precise temperature control of water or other beverages. The Scandinavian summer nights can be a bit chilly. You can boil water, brew coffee/tea, cook food & keep your drink cold. The built in battery can even charge your phone trough a USB port. This is a nice to have item on a yacht for expeditions on land or in a smaller boat without an onboard cooker. 

The North Face ThermoBall Traction Bootie

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Cruisers in the Nordics or in the Arctic will sooner or later experience cold feet. Quite literary. North Face has come up with a remedy. These warm slip on boots are perfect for wearing down below or in the cockpit when the weather turns chilly. They feature a rubber sole for good traction and are water resistant and lightweight.

nemo Stargazer recliner chair

It makes perfect sense! Throughout history, mariners have had a close and intimate relationship with the stars for navigational purposes. Here is a product from Nemo that can be used ashore or on deck to observe the night sky in comfort and style. No more sore necks from stargazing!