Sven Yrvind - Legendary Small Boat Designer from Sweden


Sven Yrvind is a swedish sailor, small boat designer, author and inventor who questions our perceptions of sailing, sailboats and sustainability. He is placed in the Hall of Fame for singlehanded sailors along the names of Joshua Slocum, Sir Francis Chichester, Robin Knox-Johnston and Berhard Moitessier. 

Born on the east coast of Sweden in 1939 his latest endeavour is to sail in 2018 to New Zealand in his latest small 6 meter boat named "Ex Lex". The name is a humourus statement on The European Recreational Craft Directive that practically, according to Yrvind himself, would deem it a criminal offence to sail the boat because of it`s unseaworthiness. 

The Ex Lex inside the warehouse testing the rig and sails

The Ex Lex inside the warehouse testing the rig and sails

Mr. Sven Yrvind, author of a number of books on small boat voyages, has always advocated that a small boat is safer at sea than a bigger boat. His argument is rather sound in principle. A small and light object, let`s say a cork, will float up and down in the waves. A heavier object will be subject to larger forces and prone to break easier than a smaller object. 

Yrvind in a short film made by Swedish Carrier Telia.

Boatbuilder Sven Yrvind does a rollover test. Video by: Andreas Eidhagen/MOTOR


Sven Yrvind has a very interesting background and we recommend reading this excerpt in english on his popular website. Follow his latest build and journey here.

For those who would like to know more on small boat sailing, building and design we recommend the excellent Small Craft Advisor Magazine.

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