Book Review - The Complete Ocean Skipper by Tom Cunliffe

The Complete Ocean Skipper

They say about Norwegians that they are born with a pair of skis on their feet. We would suggest that Mr. Cunliffe was born with sea legs already in place and with his excellent writing he has produced another must-have book for the onboard bookshelf.

After studying Law at university, he chose not to enter the profession and effectively ran away to sea instead. He has worked as Mate on a coasting merchant vessel and skippered private yachts as well as having been a delivery and charter skipper. 

A qualified Yachtmaster examiner since 1978, his many cruises in his own yachts span the Atlantic from the Arctic to the South Atlantic, east to west as far as you can go. He and his wife are keen motorcyclists and have crossed the American continent in both directions, each riding their own machines.

Mr. Tom Cunliffe himself. Photo:

Mr. Tom Cunliffe himself. Photo:

For sailors planning or dreaming about long-distance ocean or offshore passages, this guide guide from Mr. Cunliffe is a godsend. We even suggest that, though one might have tens of thousands of nautical miles under one`s keel, it is never too late to learn something new. Perhaps a reminder of old knowledge comes in handy sooner than you think?

The book starts off with the basics. Different types of offshore yacht design and the traits each one has. It even has a chapter on multihulls. The books takes the reader through  many important aspects of finding the right boat for the purpose you intend it to fill.

Almost every important element of an extended cruise is featured in this brilliant book. With clear, helpful colour photographs and diagrams throughout, this is the essential book for anyone planning for or dreaming about sailing further afield. 

The book also serves as a reminder that running a yacht is a complex affair. Thankfully, with the help of writers like Mr. Cunliffe, an extended cruise with your own yacht may seem within reach sooner rather than later. Why not look to the Nordics for your new cruising grounds?

This book is on the Scandinavian Mariner Magazines Highly Recommended list.



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