Welcome to Scandinavian Mariner Magazine!

What is Scandinavian Mariner Magazine?

Well, it is a magazine, but isn't one you can buy in your local newsstand. Neither is it a website, however we keep one for hosting our content. Instead it has a modern form of distribution and its content will show up on digital platforms where you are. According to the latest data, that would most likely be on a social media plattform on a smartphone.

The digital world changes very fast, and our aim is to change with it. We believe by using instant, high quality and targeted stories on relevant plattforms we will build relationships with our readers.

Cruising in Scandinavia is particularly family friendly

Cruising in Scandinavia is particularly family friendly


What will it be about?

The magazine will have five editorial columns and one commercial section.

  1. Yachts
  2. Equipment and Gear
  3. Cruising in The Nordics and Scandinavia
  4. Seamanship
  5. Interviews
  6. Branded Content

Showcasing the best destinations, the most brilliant gear and suitable boats for high latitudes cruising. All produced by some of the best journalists, photographers and filmmakers in the industry.

The Magazine will also offer a marketing and communication opportunity for the boating and travel industry.

Who is it for?

The editorial profile focusses on changes in habits and attitudes towards sailing and cruising in Scandinavia within the target group. That is often reflected in the choice of yacht, equipment and destinations.

Scandinavian Mariner targets both the modern and traditional family who owns, have owned or are a prospecting sailboat owner.

We acknowledge that our content is equally consumed by owners of different boats and cater for this in our coverage. The magazine is essentially for everyone who draws a keen interest in all things maritime. We look forward to get to know you soon!

Best Regards and Fair Winds,

Daniel Novello

Editor of Scandinavian Mariner Magazine.

The Editor helming a classic S&S Swan in southern Norway

The Editor helming a classic S&S Swan in southern Norway

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