Another Nordic beauty from Baltic Yachts-The Pink Gin VI

The Finns surely knows how to construct and build beautiful yachts. While you certainly do not need a 175 footer to go crusising in Scandinavia, we bet it would be an adventure to at least sail this beautiful engineering marvel of a yacht.

The Baltic 175 Pink Gin VI, the worlds largest carbon fibre sloop.  Designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co and interior design and styling by Design Unlimited. Key features include her 223ft/67.9m tall sloop rig set on carbon fibre spars and remarkable accommodation design. She is also fitted with two balconies, which fold out to form openings in her topsides, unusual features in a sailing yacht.

Baltic175 Pink GinVI leaving Finland. Video by Baltic Yachts

A long history of boatbuilding in Finland

In the land of a thousand lakes, boats and ships have always been fundamental for effective communication and transport. By the 16th century, the west coast of Finland, particularly the Ostrobothnia region, was an important centre for boat building. On a 1529 map you can read  “Hic fabricator navalis”, “Here ships are built”,and when the Swedish crown reorganised its army and needed carpenters for their shipyard, they chose artisans from our area because of their reputation. From 1765 to 1810, Jakobstad was the biggest producer of ships in Finland. This nurtured a highly skilled local workforce and is the reason why Jakobstad became a natural location for the embryonic Baltic Yachts when it was founded in 1973.

The creation of a silver giant. Video by Baltic Yachts

Building world class yachts since 1973

In 1973 five young men left another respected Finnish yacht builder to start their own business. Their aim was to build the finest sailing boats in the world and to achieve this they employed a group of indigenous craftsmen from the Bosund region of Finland. Top quality and comfortable cruising yachts with racing potential were the main ingredients of what they set out to achieve. Importantly, they recognised that building yachts with lighter displacement than competing products would not only increase performance, but also make life easier and more enjoyable for their clients. They did this by using materials and manufacturing technology never previously seen in boat building.

The founding fathers of Baltic Yachts in the early 70s. Photo by Baltic Yachts

The founding fathers of Baltic Yachts in the early 70s. Photo by Baltic Yachts

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