Back to basics - The Golden Globe Race 2018

In 1968, the British newspaper The Sunday Times announced the award of a trophy, the Golden Globe, for the first person to sail single handed and non-stop around the world.

The longest non-stop voyage until then was achieved by Sir Francis Chichester in 1966-67, when he circumnavigated the world with one stop in Australia. His boat had needed a major re-fit halfway, and no one was certain a yacht could be kept serviceable for 30,000 miles, let alone survive the conditions to be expected, nor whether a human could keep going that long alone. Nevertheless, a solo non-stop circumnavigation was the one great voyage left to be made.

To celebrate Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s historic 1968/9 world first solo non-stop circumnavigation in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Yacht Race, a new Golden Globe Race will be staged to mark the 50th Anniversary of that epic, starting from Falmouth on 16 June, 2018

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Like the original Sunday Times event,the 2018 Golden Globe Race is very simple. Depart Plymouth, England on June 30th 2018 and sail solo, non-stop around the world, via the five Great Capes and return to Plymouth.

Entrants are limited to sailing similar yachts and equipment to what was available to Sir Robin in that first race. That means sailing without modern technology or benefit of satellite based navigation aids. Competitors must sail in production boats between 32ft and 36ft overall (9.75 – 10.97m) designed prior to 1988 that have a full-length keel with rudder attached to their trailing edge. These yachts are often heavily built, strong and sturdy, similar in concept to Sir Robin’s 32ft vessel Suhaili.

Drawing by ©  Sémhur

Drawing by © Sémhur

Don McIntyre (60) is the founder and Race Chairman of the 2018 Golden Globe Race, Don is an experienced circumnavigator and recognised as one of Australia’s greatest explorers. He is pushing this event and seems the right man for the job.

Don McIntyre

Don McIntyre

The Organizers of the 50th Anniversary edition 2018 Golden Globe Race in a salute to Bernard Moitessier, have commissioned a new JOSHUA Golden Globe One Design (GGOD) yacht in the spirit of the original JOSHUA. This yacht will run as a new Class II in the 2022 Golden Globe Race with maximum 10 entries allowed.

Bernard Moitessier’s iconic 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe race yacht JOSHUA has long been admired by ocean voyagers and Sea Gypsies as the ultimate ride. Bernard became a legend when during that Golden Globe he famously altered course to Tahiti after rounding Cape Horn just 17 days behind Suhaili, rather than return to England and certain fame, to… “Save My Soul “… as he put it.




Skippers come from all over the world. Among them are Norwegian sailor Are Wiig (1959)  and Finnish sailor Tapio Lehtinen (1958)

Sir William Robert Patrick "Robin" Knox-Johnston (born 17 March 1939)  He was the first man to perform a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe.


This is one of the most interesting races in decades and we shall follow this race closely. You can follow the race and the preparations here.

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